Chandra Ganjoo, Executive Director, Group CPO & Head Corporate Communications, Trivitron Healthcare Group of Companies

Trivitron is present in multiple segments and in the coming years the focus is on factories’ capacity utilisation.

Trivitron, the largest medical technology company of Indian origin, through successful inorganic synergies with local and global companies, boasts of a turnover of over Rs 700 crore and is the largest medical technology company, manufacturing products in India and exporting to over 165 countries. 

In the last few years has shifted focus from trading to manufacturing. We have nine factories in five locations — Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Helsinki and Ankara. A lot of investments have gone in for the same. We were a 100 per cent trading company in 2010 and today, more than two-thirds of our revenues come from manufacturing. In the coming 2-3 years, the aim is to become a major contract manufacturer for other multinational companies. 

In terms of acquisitions, we are looking at India as well as abroad. In this financial year, we have acquired one company in Turkey and we are looking at a few more. We have also entered into a Joint Association Tokyo based company clinical diagnostics in the area of Newborn Screening. This is a dual strategy. For a few products we strive  to become a global player and the rest we want to be an emerging market player. At present, we are doing technology-absorption in India.

Internationally, the import duties on the medical devices are 15-20 per cent but in India it is 0-5 per cent. For instance, new-born kits, if imported, are duty free. But, if we import raw materials for manufacturing the same here in India, one has to pay 30 per cent customs duty. Hence, a lot of focus is needed to allow the domestic manufacturing industry to really grow.

In India most device companies have single-focus. There are no Indian companies that are present in multiple segments. At present, Trivitron is present in five verticals and will enter another couple in the near  future. For the next few years, we want to ensure that our focus will be on ensuring that our factories’ capacity utilisation.

Trivitron is present in multiple segments and in the coming years the focus is on factories’ capacity utilisation.


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