Vishwaprasad Alva, Managing Director, Skanray Technologies

Skanray has a unique position in the global mass wellness and primary healthcare technologies space, being the first company to have an entire range of products and end-to-end solutions.

In just three years of starting commercial production, Skanray today is recognized as one of the world's fastest-growing healthcare technology companies with many CE, FDA, and UL approved products in its range and manufacturing facilities at Mysore, Bangalore, Bologna, and Sao Paulo.

Skanray has facilities, OEM partners, and distribution and service centers across the globe helped by its rapid organic and inorganic growth including its acquisitions of L&T Medical, Pricol's healthcare business, CEI X-Ray, Italy, and Mectron's India business. Skanray has a partner-and-complement business model with large global healthcare technology companies and healthcare practitioners to bring in scale, spread, and affordability to rural healthcare and value products segment.

Our strength lies in the home-grown high-performance technologies in X-ray and ultrasound imaging, cardiac care, surgery support technologies, anesthesia, critical care, remote health monitoring, respiratory care, telemedicine technologies and solutions, and dental health devices and solutions to enable and support healthcare delivery to the remotest of the villages and crowded cities alike, bringing in the deprived masses into the high-quality healthcare cover, free from social funding.

We are working on newer business models with key hospitals by offering our products-as-a-service. Hospitals running on lean biomedical resources will find this beneficial because of the guaranteed uptime and insurance against technological obsolescence that this model brings along. As part of the new sales strategy, we are also experimenting with the idea of making our products available online for healthcare professionals. It adds convenience to our customers as well as ensures pricing transparency.

Aggressive new launches in radiology are set to expand our product offerings providing our customers the opportunity to choose from a wide range of machines that match their requirements. Several new models in patient monitors are being planned at various acuity levels covering the spectrum from primary to quaternary care. Launch of new ventilators with several advanced modes and weaning options is set to create excitement in the market. Our network in various countries across the world is being strengthened, especially in South Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle-East and North Africa, and Latin America.

Skanray has positioned itself as a highly respected company with many national and international awards and recognitions for its high-quality products, life-time service guarantees, corporate governance, and voluntary compliance to international regulations even in countries lacking quality guidelines.

Skanray's Nothing is Opaque slogan is beyond technologies and products that enable vital signs monitoring and imaging through opaque anatomies. It reflects the company's belief in transparency in every aspect of the business, be it with business partners, investors, customers, suppliers, or its 700+ strong med-tech professionals spread across three continents.

Skanray nurtures, supports, and invests in technologies and total solutions that make healthcare accessible to every corner of the world, on time.

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