Thomas John, Managing Director, Agappe Diagnostics Limited

Agappe is a company which harbors many dreams and in its journey till here has realized quite a few dreams to reach where it is today. It stands tall in its capacity to have a full-fledged R&D facility for equipment and reagents, a big local manufacturing capacity which is going to be even further enhanced this year and of course its conscious approach toward quality from procurement of raw materials to transportation of the finished product till the customer premises.

The flagship product of Agappe has and continues to be the Mispa i series products which are used to detect the presence of specific proteins. Mispa i products provide the solution to a demanding customer who requires quality, good price, and a product with precision. It is a time-tested product and has been very fondly accepted by the Indian and the global market.

Agappe studied and understood market demands for clinical chemistry in Tier-II and Tier-III segments and came out with its own semi-automated clinical chemistry auto analyzer which has some unique features and is again a correct balance between price and quality. Also coming up soon would be an automated version of the nephelometry-based serum protein analyzer - Mispa i3 to serve the extended requirement of a typical Tier-II laboratory.

Agappe will soon be equipped with a towering facility which can be compared to one of the best in the world. This facility will enable Agappe to be self-reliant in breezing into the field of immunology, microbiology and some others for the future. Agappe is of the firm belief that innovation is the only mantra to keep them abreast with the MNCs in this segment which is increasingly becoming more price sensitive and quality conscious. The existing facility itself is ISO 13485 certified and was the first Indian IVD company to be so and the very next year got CE certification for its products. Agappe conforms to GMP standards and got FDA approval for its manufacturing facility spread over 60,000 sq.ft. built-up area. Agappe has a manufacturing facility for equipment which is going to expand with a current spread on an area of 10,000 sq.ft.

Agappe believes strongly in equipping its field force with the best of product knowledge, market intelligence, a cultural change in inculcating the belief that providing a solution to their customers is what is most important. Human resource has always been an area of focus for Agappe and it has come up with many innovative ideas to keep up motivation, knowledge, inter personal skills, focus, and alignment of individual and organizational goals.

Agappe has been extremely conspicuous in showcasing itself during various exhibitions of importance in the IVD segment, be it India or at a global level. It has been continuously participating in events like AACC, MEDICA, ARAB HEALTH, CMEF to name a few at the global level and ACBI, IAPM, IVD World Congress at the national level. The mentioned names are just part of an actual long list and Agappe today is globally known for supplying finished products for segments including clinical chemistry, hematology, coagulation, controls, and calibrators. The quality is also highly appreciated and manifested in the form of earning us OEM orders from many countries.

The very fact that the company serves India and 55 countries globally is a testimony to the fact that its approach of working toward a more innovative product and a more precise quality product stands vindicated.

Today Agappe serves more than 12,000 customers in India and aspires to serve more than 20,000 customers by the end of 2016-17.

TECHAGAPPE, the quarterly magazine from Agappe has been widely appreciated for its quality of contents and also braces to reach out to more than 25,000 customers in the next two years. This magazine now reaches more than 10,000 customers nationwide.

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