RR Shah, Marketing Director, MRK Healthcare Private Limited

At MRK, we endeavor to provide healthcare more affordable, accessible, and qualitative. Our goal is to serve every mother and child, old, and young with high quality affordable medical products. Our aim is to provide medical products to healthcare workers who work with passion and compassion to give comfort and healthcare to patients. Our vision is in resonance with commitment of our prime minister and health minister to transform Indian healthcare to the masses.

Despite being an important area, it remains in low priority list of political parties. Healthcare expenditure by government remains 0.9 percent of GDP whereas developed countries spend over 7 percent of GDP on healthcare. Private healthcare continues to ignore masses as it is expensive and venture capitalist and private equity funds are not investing in Tier-II/III towns. However private healthcare insurance and government schemes have benefited lower-income class of people.

We are more dependent on import of medical devices, which makes healthcare services more expensive and unaffordable to common people. We must continue to innovate and find new economical and affordable solutions keeping in mind patients' needs. However, to achieve all this, we need great understanding and support from our bureaucratic government system. They should be more practical and amicable with industry. There must be an active and efficient neutral forum to understand problems and challenges of the industry and represent the same to the government and get positive outcome for development of new import substitutes to make Indian healthcare system more affordable to common man.

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