Shreyans Jain, General Manager, Komega Impex

Komega Impex is an important name in the medical equipment market, and we provide a variety of new and pre-owned radiology equipment. Our future plans include a proposal to install MRI machines in hospitals for radiology diagnostic. We would be investing for the purchase of the machine. We would also be taking care of the maintenance cost of the machine via comprehensive annual maintenance contract (CMC).

Where hospitals are running short of funds or are scared to put lots of money to buy an MRI machine, we are here to make capital investment and are ready to take care of maintenance of the machine regularly. The machine will be installed on site. All running charges of the machine including electricity bill, technicians, and doctor's salary will be borne by the hospital as we would only be taking charges for each case done.

We must also get an estimate of the average number of patients the hospital caters to in a month, for the first 6 months and then for the next 6 months and so on, so that we can figure it out if it would be viable for taking forward the project and which model can be installed.

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