Varun Kumar Sharma, Sr. Area Sales Manager North (IVD), Mindray Medical India Pvt. Ltd.

Automation in biochemistry is no more a luxury; rather it has become an integral part of all laboratories, regardless of their size. However, the reasons for automation are different in different workload segments. In the smaller lab segment, aspiration to move from semi-automated system is a factor, coupled by desire to have more accurate result delivery system. In higher customer segment, improving the turnaround times (TAT) and workflow is more important. And in order to achieve that, integration of routine biochemistry with CLIA based immunoassay systems is major demand currently.

The challenges faced by today’s laboratories are multiple – high false positive ratio, the ongoing pressure for faster TAT, a sudden spike in the number of samples to be processed, and the list does not stop there.

Biochemistry manufacturer across the globe are working hard, to meet dynamic needs to all segments of users. In small workload set ups accuracy and precision are paramount reason of choice; at the same time cost effectiveness also play a big role in buying cycle. Committed to the Voice Of the Customer (VOC) approach, Mindray not only listens to all these pain points of lab technicians and delivers the right laboratory solution, but it stays one step ahead of their needs by adding extra value to the products and services it provides. The newly launched BS 240pro/BS 360E Series Auto Biochemistry Analyzers are proof of that. They come with not only intuitive software but also loads of new function in the segment, like reflex testing & on board hemolysate preparation for HbA1c.

As the economy is growing bigger labs are getting more and more samples. And major driver for the growth are preventive health checks and medical insurance. Hence in high workload labs, integration and wide menu of parameters, both in routine chemistry and immunoassay is in major factor in choosing the best suitable system.

Keeping in sync with market dynamics, Mindray also has high throughput system like BS 600/BS 800 and in Immunoassay we have CL 1000i/1200i and 2000I. Our Sal 6000/8000 system offer seamless integration of high biochemistry and Immunoassay.



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