Shreedhar Shanbhag, Product Manager- Biochemistry, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd.

On market trends

Clinical chemistry testing is an integral part of laboratory analysis and often marks the first line of tests among a battery of examinations. The clinical chemistry market is growing at a steady pace of around 8–10 percent.

Laboratories are trying to differentiate themselves by offering specialized tests such as drug screenings, extended lipid profile, therapeutic drug monitoring and entering into quality accreditations like NABL. Emerging technological innovations in biosensors, lab-on-a-chip, and wearable devices are transforming the point-of-care diagnostic market.

On growth drivers

Increased health awareness and demand for preventive and therapeutic diagnosis are the key growth drivers from the consumers’ side. From the industry perspective, technological innovations and penetration of chain laboratories in Tier II, III, and IV cities and towns have contributed to the growth.

The government’s Public Private Partnership (PPP) is also boosting the growth of this segment by making available affordable tests.

On technology trends

This is the era of innovation for introduction of new tests. Additionally, the influx of integrated analyzers which combine chemistry and immunoassay testing on a single platform has provided laboratories with an opportunity to consolidate testing and streamline both regular and niche tests.

On buyers perspective

The need for high performance, cost-effectiveness in terms of reusable hard glass cuvettes and reduced disposable plastic usage, on-board cooling, less reagent consumption, integration to LIS, and minimum downtime with good service support are some of the factors that are considered for purchase.

Laboratories prefer a total solutions provider offering products and services beyond just chemistry and integrated systems. 

On future outlook

As systems become more sophisticated, integration, convenience, and application specificity have become critical factors. Analyzers now offer a growing number of automated features, to enable their users to achieve optimal productivity. A buyer can choose from a wide array of systems that offer everything from intelligent sample management and remote system diagnostics to advanced features.

Transasasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. is one of the India’s first diagnostic companies to manufacture and export state-of-the-art blood analyzers and reagents. It offers a complete product range of advanced semi and fully automated clinical chemistry analyzers and reagents, complete with a round the clock after-sales and service support.

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