Chandramohan K, Product Manager, BioSystems Diagnostics, India

The Indian IVD Market has registered a prolific growth over the span of last 8–10 years. The revenues of India in-vitro diagnostics market have grown at a CAGR of 20 percent. Increasing automation, mounting health awareness, growing consolidations, higher penetration of insurance cover, rapid urbanization, increasing number of laboratories, and the overall improvement in the medical infrastructure are some of the major factors responsible for the growth showcased over the last 8–10 years.

Automation and robotics are increasingly freeing life scientists from the need to baby-sit their experiments leads to increased productivity and lower costs for laboratories and more creative time for individual researchers. New analyzers that deliver high throughput in lesser time and provide high efficacy. Similarly, Point- of-Care (PoC) testing has gained momentum in the past years as need for quick turnaround time and reliable results have accelerated. The fast access to results is particularly useful in critical situations when testing needs to be carried out frequent intervals.

Today the technology is evolved from hardware based approach to software based approach. Highly advanced software are available for robotic operations with high throughput and to support various automated operations like auto dilution, auto-rerun with dilution, reflex testing, sample transport management, effective handling of samples and reagent while maintaining the accuracy in volume measurement.

Taking into consideration current and future trends is essential in maximizing the lifespan of any analyzer. As systems become more sophisticated, integration, convenience, and application specificity are key. The continuing emergence of new, clinically significant biomarkers, and technological advancements have a significant impact on such assay development. Biochemistry analyzer will also become faster and more efficient as technology and software is developed and enhanced.

BioSystems offers a broad, extensive portfolio of clinical diagnostics products to streamline the work flow, enhance operational efficiency and improve patient treatment. The various product line includes a wide range of reliable instruments and reagents for clinical chemistry, focused on R&D and invested in analytical systems innovation for clinical analysis laboratories, develops a new generation of semi-automatic and automatic analyzers based on LED (Light- Emitting Diode) technology, optimized for biochemistry ad turbidimetric assays, paving a new path for automated analyzer performance.



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