Aditya Kohli, Director – Marketing & Sales, Allied Medical Limited

Our vision at Allied Medical since its inception has been to provide affordable quality products with a dependable service backup and these have been the key elements for our success. This is a very exciting time to be involved in the anesthesia equipment market in India. India’s spend on healthcare as a percentage of GDP (2.5 percent) is amongst the lowest globally. With the recent reforms taken by the Government of India removing various impediments for manufacturing growth in the country offers a huge opportunity for medical equipment manufacturers in India.

For medical institutions, acquiring an anesthesia workstation is a capital investment. With rapid technological advancements having a quality equipment with affordable cost of ownership, and dependable after sale services are the key challenges before any buyer. We have always believed that growth of any company depends on its attitude towards servicing its customer needs and we have grown with this ideology over the 35 years, despite having a fairly limited marketing network.

The safety features offered by anesthesia workstations are at a huge advantage and substantially minimize chances of any accidental incidents during anesthesia. Modern day anesthesia workstations are equipped with a twin station manifold for mounting two selectatec type temperature compensated vaporizers with interlocking safety, an anti-hypoxic system, an in-built integrated ventilator with direct switching controls from the circle absorber system. The display screens are available in touch/non-touch variants to meet varied customer requirements. The ventilators offer a choice of ventilation modes comprising of CMV, PCV, SIMV, and manual modes. The advanced versions offer an addition of PSV, SIMV with pressure/flow triggers, spontaneous mode of ventilation. The workstations are offered with a choice of monitoring options starting from hemodynamic monitoring to advance anesthesia monitoring parameters.

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