Suresh Vazirani, CMD, Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd.

Transasia Bio-Medicals Ltd. was set up in 1979 to cater to India's need for essential diagnostics. We have been working toward our vision of A Healthier and Happier World by offering a comprehensive product portfolio and strong service network, to make quality diagnostic solutions available to all parts of India including remote towns. Diagnostics is an essential part of the Indian healthcare industry. Over 70 percent of treatment decisions are based on diagnostic reports. We plan to continue to make diagnostics affordable, faster, and reliable. Our strategy for the next five years is based on a mix of domestic and international opportunities. At present every year over 200 million people benefit from tests done on Transasia's equipment. In five years, our goal is to benefit one billion people every year.

Marketing Strategies

We focus on a simple strategy – AIM – Affordability, Innovation, and Make in India. In India, we have become the #1 IVD provider by providing affordable, innovative diagnostics supported with efficient after-sales support. We have a dedicated team of over 200 service engineers and 350+ sales and marketing team. Our network of 350 channel partners provides direct services to over 300 cities and towns of India. Loaning of the equipment to the customers is a successful penetration model adopted by Transasia among the very few companies to reach out to rural India. Through Transasia on the Move, a specially designed mobile lounge we demonstrate our products to the pathologists based in the remotest parts of India.


When I first established Transasia, it was primarily an after-sales service provider for imported equipment. However, these products were unable to meet India's need for affordable diagnosis. Having identified this gap, we acquired companies globally to bring world align technology to India and the emerging markets. In the last eight years we have made 14 overseas acquisitions and cater to millions in over 104 countries through our production facilities in India, Czech Republic, Italy, and the United States of America and R&D facilities in France, the United Kingdom, India, and Czech Republic.

Latest Breakthrough in Product Development

We offer quality, affordable solutions by adopting cutting-edge technology from our European and Indian R&D centers and customizing it. This enables us to provide equipment that are more affordable and reduce the operational expenses compared to imported equipment. Our coagulation analyzer, ECL 760 employs technology from our Czech Republic subsidiary. It is three times faster and at a cost that is 30 percent lesser compared to leading global analyzers available in India.

In the case of hepatitis C too, most of the detection kits are imported. Years of research, has resulted in Transasia being the first and only Indian company and one of the very few across the globe, to design and develop the fourth-generation HCV Ag+Ab kit. This kit aids in early detection of HCV, thereby reducing the risk of transmission by 41 percent. The fourth-generation HCV Ag+Ab kit is a breakthrough with a 100 percent sensitivity and 99.9 percent specificity and at a cost, which is 50 percent lesser than the imported products available in India.

HPLC is recognized as a gold standard method for HbA1c testing. So far the HPLC technology was available in India only through imported products. Transasia has adopted the technology to introduce a fully automated, indigenously manufactured HPLC platform-Hb Vario in India that also provides additional information for detection of thalassemia and hemoglobinopathy.

Our urine analyzer, Laura XL, which is the currently the most advanced, also employs the same principle.Besides this we also provide an entire range of products that are designed and developed in India, in segments such as Biochemistry (EM 200 – No. 1 selling analyzer), and immunology assays (complete test menu with over 150 parameters).

The pace of growth of the Indian IVD Industry would be even more attractive in the next decade. Transasia is poised well not just to ride that wave but also lead it!

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