Vishwaprasad Alva, Managing Director, Skanray Technologies

Skanray, in 2017, completed six years of commercial presence and about four years of incubation. While we are proud of what we have achieved in this short span of time, we are also constantly reinventing ourselves to stay extremely relevant adapting to the dynamics of the healthcare industry.

Looking back at our decade-old journey, we are glad that we could achieve high growth rates year after year. We have created a unique position for ourselves as the first company from India to have a comprehensive range of products that is efficiently backed by a customer-centric service team. Our portfolio consists of radiology, patient monitoring, cardiology, anesthesia, ventilation, diathermy, dental, and veterinary products. We believe in providing our customers the right product with absolute performance and quality.

Skanray represents a congregation of over 700 business and healthcare professionals. Our strength lies in our human capital and in our capability to develop high-performance technologies to enable and support healthcare delivery to the remotest of the villages and the crowded cities alike, bringing in the deprived masses into the high-quality healthcare cover.

Our business has grown substantially both organically and inorganically. Our acquisitions have provided us with the necessary speed-to-market giving us a competitive edge. With acquisition of L&T Medical, we gained a large portfolio of complementary technologies which were quickly converted to successful products. The acquisition also substantially reinforced our sales and service network, which now has transformed into one of the finest units catering to the sensitivities of patient care.

In 2014, we acquired an X-ray tube manufacturing unit, CEI X-ray based out of Bologna, Italy. In the same year, we acquired the MedTech unit of a large company – Pricol Medtech, which reinforced our critical care portfolio. In the recent past, we acquired Cardia International, a cardiac care company based out of Amsterdam followed by acquisitions of Mectron India and Emergent.

Over the past one year, our manufacturing units in the United States, Europe, and Brazil have gained momentum and the operations are expected to be stabilized over the next few months. Today, Skanray has seven manufacturing plants spread across India, Europe, the United States, and South America catering to global masses with high-quality and high-performance products and solutions.

With our base established in phase I, we are readying ourselves for an exciting journey in phase II. At the core, are our innovative products and solutions that can make healthcare accessible to billions of people, connecting doctors and patients across the world seamlessly saving huge costs on healthcare delivery. We are working on launching HomeSkan, an innovative and smart homecare monitor, which can track several vital parameters and also detect any falls, intrusions and alert the neighbors, immediate family members, and the emergency department of the networked hospitals. HomeSkan will be of immense help for the geriatric patients and people with chronic illnesses and provide them with the convenience of consulting from the comfort of their homes. Likewise, in critical care, we are working on introducing remote ICU solutions which has the potential to disrupt the way ICU care is delivered. Remote ICU will enable intensivists stationed at a command hub to provide care to patients thousands of miles away. Our solutions will enable care delivery, remotely and efficiently, and provide a dependable support to our stretched and stressed healthcare infrastructure.

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