Vikram Sanghvi, Managing Director, Schiller Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd.

Schiller, founded in 1974 by Alfred E. Schiller is a successful group with 30 subsidiaries and a global sales network. Today, Schiller is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, defibrillation, and patient monitoring as well as software solutions for the medical industry. Schiller AG's Indian subsidiary has completed 20 years of serving the Indian customer. The product range covers critical care, cardiology, radiology, telemedicine, cardiopulmonary, anesthesia, and surgery.

For more than four decades, Schiller has been committed to the fight against sudden cardiac death. While the most established manufacturers still sold heavy and bulky emergency devices, Schiller launched a handy emergency electrocardioscope that was ten times lighter. Simultaneously, the company not only made a name for itself, but also set new standards. Two years later, the smallest emergency ECG device with an integrated printer followed. A built-in microcomputer allowed the automatic measurement and interpretation of the ECG. This in turn enabled the early detection of heart disorders, helping physicians to protect people of all age groups from sudden cardiac death.

Over the years, many new products have been added to the product range, like holters, complete diagnostic stations, monitoring devices, and many more. At Schiller, innovation has always been a priority, and even till now, Schiller still makes the most advanced ECG machines in the world, incorporating the latest advances in science: like diagnosing for athletes as per the Seattle Protocol, and being able to interpret for neonates by using industry leading sampling rates.

The Art of Diagnostics is infinitely creative and it inspires us to continuously improve our products.

Our Vision

  • lWe aim to extend our strong position on the market.
  • lOur customers and partners heartily recommend us
  • lSchiller is a well-established and attractive brand.
  • lWe are a hub of innovation.
  • lWe acquire, apply, and integrate scientific findings.
  • lWe work profitably and are financially independent.
  • lWe encourage co-operative individuality.

Our Values

Our employees and our customers are our most valuable resource. The relationship with our customers and suppliers is characterized by determination, fairness, politeness, and reliability. We are aware of our responsibility toward our environment, the society, and ourselves, and we act accordingly.

Quality Policy

We at Schiller India are committed to:

  • lDeliver to the customer, products of quality that we are proud of selling and complying with the customer's requirement
  • lBuild and maintain effective systems and processes, to ensure quality at every stage of the product realization through committed involvement and continual improvement.

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