Dr Rajeev Gautam, President (India), HORIBA Medical

HORIBA Medical is a globally well-established brand known for its latest technology in hematology analyzers and their reagents world-wide. HORIBA Medical is currently serving the Indian market with its hematology analyzers ranging from 3-part to 8-part incorporating various unique features and parameters, which are the exclusive patents of the HORIBA group.

India is a diverse country with its healthcare system as diverse and dynamic as its population in terms of epidemics, demographics, and healthcare services availability and accessibility. Serving the Indian market is like serving different countries with different cultures and profiles of diseases under different climatic change cycles.

In the last few years we have successfully captured small and medium laboratories to a greater extent and made our presence felt in the industry throughout the country. Many of the laboratories have replaced their existing brands with HORIBA Medical analyzers, which is a conspicuous sign of acceptance of HORIBA products as quality driven and user-friendly by the hematology market of India. Our focused approach to cater only to the hematology segment has made us well-known among the pathologists. We are already on the verge of achieving the pinnacle of customer satisfaction and now focusing to bring customer delight as our prime objective in the coming years. To drive the same, we are now focusing more on the service and maintenance to keep the existing customers delighted.

We have grown in terms of better talent in our service team, new channel partners, enhanced participation in various regional and state-level events of the Industry. Our distribution channel and service franchisee concept has further added to our achievements of attaining customer delight. Some of the well-known brands are already established and well appreciated in the market but our unique offerings based on geography, season, and regional needs have made us attain unique status among our users. We are promoting not just the products but are also focusing on building our scientific image among the customers. We are helping our customers conduct research studies and write cases on the results produced by our products. This further makes us perceived as a unique brand among our customers.

HORIBA Medical has a strong R&D network with 13 state-of-the-art research laboratories across the globe. Tithe of our net sales is invested to upgrade our products through continuous R&D. Globally, we produce 25 percent of total hematology analyzers. Our patented technology and unique concept based blood testing instruments are the result of our industry experience for more than three decades. HORIBA Medical has a base of 5000 installations in India, spread across various market segments, that is R&D centers, government and corporate hospitals, laboratories and private pathologists etc.

Currently, we are coming up with some unique concepts and parameters in the field of hematology, which will provide us the exclusive space in the market. We are coming up with the concept of automating existing products that is 6-part with auto-loader and its affordability remaining intact for the small- and medium-budget laboratories. Our high-end concept of HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organization known as HELO will be create a revolutionary mark in the history of the hematology market. Automated digitalization of slide making and multi possible configurations with expert validation status will make this solution as one of the most sought after need of any high-end hematology laboratory. Some of our products are of great utility, not just in the pathology laboratory but also in various other medical specialties like HORIBA Microsemi CRP, which is the patented technology with monopoly over the concept has been appreciated by pediatricians also. This has been found useful by the pediatricians to manage the neonatal sepsis cases and judicious utilization of antibiotics for pediatric patients. These are just some signs showing that we have been able to create a special place in the Indian market. However, we are looking forward to create more opportunities in terms of new products, better solutions, and better penetration strategies. We believe not just in achieving sales numbers but in bringing the brand close to the heart of our customers.

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