Bertrand de Castelnau, Managing Director and CEO, DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH

DiaSys Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd. is celebrating its third anniversary. We really feel proud and blessed looking back at the journey of last three significant and remarkable years. The company faced many pleasant times and unexpected challenges in this period; but has consistently established its path toward delivery of its vision. DiaSys India has enhanced its position as a respected and trusted healthcare organization in India. Quality and innovation will be the way forward!

The healthcare landscape in India has undergone massive change in the last two decades. Lifestyle related diseases have increased exponentially; patients are more aware on health subjects as they are tech savvy. So demand for world align healthcare facilities is rising in India, and the best investment in healthcare is an early and accurate diagnosis. Thanks to the quality of its solutions and the innovative product portfolio, DiaSys has been at the forefront of providing quality diagnostic services in India. New parameters like LpPLA2 – an indicator of fragile atheromatous plaque and PCT – marker for sepsis and monitoring for its treatment, among other things, are outcomes of DiaSys innovation. At the same time, DiaSys is strategizing to become a global center for developing innovative, high-quality PoCT products from its Indian facilities.

In short, DiaSys India will further and regularly refine its strengths as it strives hard to build its three strategic pillars: Systems, reagents, and PoCT.

DiaSys has set up a major corporate R&D center and a state-of-the-art factory in India under the Make in India program: DiaSys in India intends to become the preferred partner for healthcare professionals by offering a wide range of quality products.

With the right skills in the workforce, businesses can be more competitive and organizations more effective. We stimulate higher skills and foster bridges between the worlds of education and of work in our employees so that we are on the right track of realizing our vision for India. Our skill development program is in line with the Skill Development initiative of Government of India.

Announcing Next Milestones

DiaSys is looking forward to many exciting launches of innovative products in synergy to our current offering scheduled over the next six months. The new DiaSys high-quality solutions will benefit the customers and above all the patients.

No doubt DiaSys in India will be facing new sets of challenges again, but equally believes in its vision: Quality and Innovation in in-vitro Diagnostics to Contribute to a Better Healthcare in India.

This is just the beginning. All the DiaSys family members are committed to put our innovative ideas into motion and to deliver the change that will make a remarkable difference in the society.

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