Dr. Mohan, Chief Medical Officer, Red Cross Blood Bank, Vijayawada

Our blood bank is functioning since 2002 at Vijayawada. From the beginning to till date HIV, HBsAg, and HCV testing we are doing with ELISA method only. All these years we are using 3rd generation kits. In 2017 we want to go for 4th generation kits. With 4th generation ELISA test the incubation period comes down to 12 to 15 days. If our financial resources allow we want to go for NAT technique with this the incubation period for HIV will come down to 8 days. All these years we are doing donor screening perfectly and precisely without giving any chance of missing any important health issues, all these years our HIV positives are only 0.19 percent.

We are giving utmost importance for quality maintenance at the same time giving importance to EQAS (External Quality Assessment Schemes) all these years we have tie up with Bombay Red Cross for this purpose, all these years we are up to the mark in all aspects of EQAS.

Coming years we want to concentrate on blood components with this we can help more number of patients with limited number of blood donors, all these years we are encouraging voluntary blood donations. Since 2004 I am working as chief medical officer at Rotary Red Cross Blood Bank, Vijayawada during this period I have supervised 1300 blood donation camps.

In all camps we are doing HB% of Donors by copper sulphate method with this we are able to collect blood with good HB%. In blood bank we are using hemoglobin meter for testing HB% of donors though it is costly affair but it is helping us to ensure good quality i.e perfect HB percent, coming years we want to go for aphaeresis machine with this we want to give SDP bags with minimum cost to needy.

Our slogan is we are for better quality and good service.

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