Anand K, CEO, Anand Diagnostic Laboratory, Bengaluru

Anand Diagnostic Laboratories (ADL), one of the first few standalone laboratories in Karnataka to be set up by a pathologist, has been the frontrunner in the field of diagnostics for about four decades now. In 2017, ADL will strive toward positioning itself as a leading reference laboratory with an international presence. This will be done through a series of strategic collaborations with major healthcare players across the globe.

With Karnataka being the home ground from where the journey of ADL began, the company will look toward strengthening its presence within the state too through more number of launches and activities. In Bengaluru, where ADL currently reaches out to customers with 12 collection centers, work is in progress to expand it to 50 collection centers to improve access and reach within FY18.

In terms of our overall footprint, we are planning for Brownfield expansion across Bellary, Mysore, Belgaum, and establishing Greenfield labs in Hubli and Mangalore. Toward developing a pan-India outreach, we will be establishing strategic collaborations with like-minded regional labs across South and West India. This year, we also aspire to develop our global presence and to achieve this, we will be setting up and managing quality processes for a mega lab project at a leading university in Teheran, Iran. Additionally, we will set foot in the Middle-East and will also be establishing franchisee networks across South Asia and Middle East North Africa (MENA) regions to collect samples for high-end tests which will be processed in our reference lab at Bengaluru.

ADL is known for its high customer allegiance. Being one of the earliest in the sector to adopt lab-at-home services, we aim to ramp up Anand@Home, our lab-at-home service system, with specially trained phlebotomists and customized collection kits to deliver a seamless experience in sample collection and report delivery. With a modern call center set-up and upgraded IT facilities, we endeavor to handle about 300 visits a day by mid-2017. To bring healthcare to your fingertips, the firm is actively working toward developing Anand Lab App, which puts together all your healthcare appointments and requirements in a single digital platform.

At Anand, we constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and heighten customer satisfaction with new product lines. 2017 is going to be no different, and to meet this end, we plan to take slide imaging technology to a whole next level. Not only that, we will also be coming up with new technologies and instrumentations in areas like molecular diagnostics for infectious and genetic diseases, cancer, food allergy, intolerance testing, genomics, newborn screening, etc. These goals have been decided with careful deliberations and we are on our way to accomplish them with utmost dedication and hard work.

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