Dr Dinesh Batra, Director, Cygnus Hospitals

At Cygnus Hospitals, our vision is to run centers for specialized surgeries in areas which lack in super specialty care. We aim to provide international standards in healthcare to masses at affordable prices. Right from the beginning, our emphasis has been on small towns in order to ensure secondary and tertiary care in the remotest of areas around India where people lose their lives on way to the nearest big city after a heart attack, accident, or any other medical emergency. We want to protect lives of all rural Indians.

In all, Cygnus Hospitals now have 11 hospitals at Sonepat, Panipat, Bahadurgarh, Tohana, Karnal, Kurukshetra (Haryana), Bhatinda (Punjab), and four in Delhi. The group is set to take over a hospital each in Rewari and Kaithal in Haryana. This has become possible in less than 4 years.

While tertiary care is the first step, quaternary care would still be limited to metros in the coming years. There are close to 700 districts in the country. In every district, there is a need for 1000 neuro-surgeries, 1000 cardio-related interventions, and 1000 intensive care emergencies in a year. Despite that kind of demand in quantity, rather than bullet-speed expansion, we envision on consolidating with 25 quality hospitals by 2018. The math of the medical map in India is forbidding, but for us care and challenges are twin roads to the same destination.

One of the most critical challenges for us is solving the problem of golden hour, where a patient loses their life while trying to reach a city hospital in case of emergency. By bringing the same high-quality critical care to smaller towns, we are trying to eliminate this problem. We are committed to giving NABH-quality care to patients of all towns and districts. We firmly believe each person in this country deserves quality personalized healthcare, and decent medical services should not be jewel of a privileged few.

Another key issue we are trying to solve is the dearth of good doctors and skilled professionals and their willingness to work in smaller cities and towns. In the absence of any pro-active schemes from the government to incentivize skilled professionals to work in not-so-urban places, Cygnus has come up with an innovative new BBA in healthcare program, in association with Manav Rachna International University. Except for this, attractive salaries are offered to deserving professionals, which are above the industry standard.

If the model is right, people are always willing to invest in it. Cygnus, having a board of highly skilled doctors, knows exactly what it takes to solve the dire situation of healthcare in India. In addition to our core values and mission, we are going to aggressively focus on brand awareness, events, and app-based technologies in the near future.

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