Dr TBS Buxi, Chairman CT & MRI Departments, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

Technology breakthrough in the last two decades has ushered in an era where medical imaging has surpassed the growth of the last hundred years. Not only the understanding of the disease processes, treatment, and complications has improved but it has also resulted in much better care of the patient population. Cohesiveness and comprehensive approach in medical imaging is necessary so as to aptly and correctly use technology for any disease process in a judicious manner. The aim is to reduce the financial burden of the patients while giving them the best treatment. This aim has been generated after watching over unnecessary usage of medical imaging, even when not indicated.

While we intend to incorporate the latest practice of fusion imaging, our intent is also to enhance various applications of the modalities being used in each branch. Newer software will be purchased such as FFR-CT in cardiac imaging, lung emphysema assessment for volume-reduction surgery, CAD for lung nodule assessment - particularly in chronic smokers. We endeavor to invest in Spectral CT, which will not only bring out extensive varied information conventionally obtained by doing multiple energy scans, but also reduce the radiation dose, assess different types of calculi, and atheromatous disease processes like plaque characteristics and gouty arthritis.

We aim to update CT to the newest available and utilize potentials of extreme multi-detector CT-4D CT technology for cardiac, whole brain vascular dynamics, and joint motion imaging; cone beam CT for compact, low-cost, high-quality imaging of paranasal sinuses, temporal bone, dental, breast, and implanted devices and intra-operative imaging; portable CT for scanning critically ill patients in intensive care units, preoperative cross-sectional imaging; phase-contrast CT with diffraction - enhanced imaging to definite soft tissues at a submicrometer level for a high-contrast mammography, lung-disease imaging, and musculo-skeletal imaging for early articular cartilage defects. India is becoming the diabetic capital of the world, and these patients suffer from peripheral vascular, renal, cardiac, and cerebral complications. It is possible to assess these by using certain software on the newer MRI systems. The applications include understanding the valvular motion, myocardial viability using mDIXON, quant, ADC maps, and cardiac quant.

10 Diagnostic Imaging Trends for 2018



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