R. Kailasnath, Managing Director, CPC Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.

In order to stand apart, we decided to build in some differentiators in our offerings.

Three decades ago, CPC took its first hesitant steps in the Indian IVD industry. There were not many players, at that time, barring a few multinational companies as well as a group of ambitious, risk taking Indian manufacturers.

In order to stand apart, we decided to build in some differentiators in our offerings.

Our commitment to customer support was the most appealing proposition to the customer, who wanted to introduce automation in his domain. Our vigil to maintain quality was undoubtedly another prominent factor which drew us closer to him.

Our customers appreciated the CPC tradition of introducing new technologies and products. We popularized the cuvette-reading based desktop analyzer in 2000, launched ready-to-use liquid reagents, and were the first to introduce Procalcitonin in the country. The bio-chip technology and titer-plane technique for immunofluorescence testing introduced was new to most Indian laboratories. And the fastest chemistry analyzer at 2000+ tests/hour was ushered by us in 2006.

Our foray into manufacture in 2010 was another major step that earned us the distinction of being the first company in India to design and develop a Hematology Analyzer and CPC joined the small handful of companies worldwide, who manufacture hematology analyzers.

We have rolled out two more innovative products – the ATL 60, which is an automated tube labeller and the Plexmat series for automation in line immunoassays – both of which provide quick turnaround time and precision. We have commenced export of these products to Europe, North African countries and SARC Nations.

We opened Sachika, which is a first-of-its-kind training center for the medical diagnostics fraternity to bridge the skill-divide for trained manpower. With rigorous testing and post-training certification, it provides pathologists, clinicians, and lab technologists an opportunity to learn and upgrade their skills in modern techniques of the biosciences.

I-track is yet another pioneering venture by CPC. A home-grown remote maintenance portal for instruments, the I-track, offers a web enabled solution which connects with our instrument users across the globe offering online solutions in real time.

CPC has forged strong partnerships with its principal companies, and this is what ultimately helps us to seamlessly deliver products and services to our customers.

One such partnership has culminated in a joint venture with Awareness Technology, USA for manufacturing clinical chemistry reagents in India.

CPC is well represented across the country through a chain of efficient channel partners who are an integral part of our organization.

Our ultimate aim is to transform our channel partners into extended arms of CPC who will add value with timely support on application and provide an unbiased dissemination of information relevant to fulfill the customer needs.

We are happy to be part of our nation's endeavor to reduce the overdependence of import of technologies in the field of medical electronics with our indigenous manufacturing facilities.

It is our aim to inculcate the spirit of innovation and make Indian healthcare industry tomorrow ready. We have never deviated from the credo we imbibed in the formative years that strong and lasting relationships are built on the foundation of trust.

We dedicate this successful journey to the unwavering commitment of people who work with us and to the IVD fraternity of this country who has made us what we are.

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