The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has committed itself to high-impact actions required for eradicating tuberculosis by 2025 and will be reinforcing the implementation of national efforts to succeed. The ministry has reaffirmed the country's commitment in the global collective efforts toward combating TB through renewed political and financial commitment and enhanced regional cooperation.

South-East Asia Region is disproportionately affected by the problem of TB. It is the leading cause of death in the region and 15–49 year age group is most affected. The drug-resistant TB is a larger problem affecting the populations and significantly contributing to morbidity and mortality.

The government has called for meeting End TB target by 2025 and has accelerated action in this regard including mandating case notification, initiation of antiretroviral therapy for TB patients with HIV, and introduction of more than 500 CBNAAT machines offering rapid quality diagnostics. The new anti-TB drug Bedaquiline has also been introduced under conditional access program (CAP) to improve outcomes of drug-resistant TB treatment.


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