The entire health sector in the Telangana state is in for a revamp to provide better medical care to people. The state government's goal is to restore the confidence of the poor in public health facilities by improving all government hospitals starting from primary health centers (PHCs) to multi-specialty hospitals.

An amount of 5976.17 crore has been allocated for medical and health sector for the year 2017-18 based on the number of beds in the hospitals. Provision for purchase of medicines has been doubled and the dilapidated hospital beds, torn bed sheets, and damaged saline stands and other equipment will be replaced.

The government has proposed to establish three multi-super-specialty hospitals in Hyderabad and to strengthen 108 services across the state, 145 new vehicles have been purchased. The government has also started free hearse service which is helping families in distress. It is proposed to add 50 more vehicles to this service. Efforts are being made to extend medical facilities in tribal and remote areas.

The government has also proposed to provide 12,000 to every woman undergoing institutional delivery in a government hospital and to those women who give birth to a baby girl, an additional amount of 1000 will be provided. The state government will also give KCR kit consisting of 16 essential things needed for a newborn baby for three months. An amount of 605 crore has been allocated for KCR kit scheme.

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