3M has introduced the 3M Curos Stopper Disinfecting Cap for open female luers to help clinicians protect all intraluminal vascular access points through passive disinfection. Passive disinfection caps for needleless connectors of vascular hemodialysis catheters helps to reduce risks of the prevalent central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI).

Disinfecting port protectors also eliminate human scrubbing technique variability. The 3M Curos is expected to help protect patient safety, reduce the risks of costly complications, improve patient outcomes, and, in turn, reduce care delivery costs. The 3M Curos has a cap that covers each intraluminal I.V. access point, thus providing a full circle of disinfection and protection. It provides time-saving and consistent and reliable disinfection, while keeping ports protected from contamination when not in use. The stopper cap can disinfect in one minute and is estimated to provide protection for up to 7 days (if not removed).

The 3M Curos contains a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol (IPA) reservoir to disinfect against a number of microorganisms commonly associated with CLABSI and its unique design fits a wide range of stopcocks and hemodialysis catheter hubs while offering a way to hold pressure during fast, passive disinfection of critical areas. The bright red color of the stopper caps help clinicians verify that a port is clean at a glance and make disinfection compliance easy to measure.

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