Kiran Medical Systems, the radiology division of Trivitron Healthcare, has introduced its innovation-driven Ultisys. The Ultisys system offers an affordable yet versatile platform for a wide range of clinical applications involving general radiography. The system features a floor-mounted X-ray system with a wide range of generator power options from 32 to 82 kW and choice of tethered or wireless flat-panel detectors. And the entire system seamlessly integrates through a powerful imaging software platform that provides a highly intuitive user interface and image processing that makes even the smallest bone and soft tissue details visible in superb resolution.

Kiran's portfolio of radiology products includes the Infinity and Elite series surgical C-Arm systems available in 3.5 and 5.0 kW power output and the option of 1K×1K digital imaging chain with advanced image processing capabilities, a comprehensive range of radiation protection products, anti-scatter X-ray grids, and imaging accessories including computed radiography systems, dry films for DICOM printers, screen films, analogue cassettes, and screens.


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