One of the most convenient solutions to prolong breastfeeding is a breast pump, which enables a mother to express her milk and then feed it to the baby at a later stage. Breast pumps are typically available in manual and electric variants, and the choice depends on frequency of usage and budget. With reference to this, Philips India offers a range of breastfeeding solutions including SCF332/12, a single electric breast pump and SCF330/20, a manual breast pump. The products are priced at RS. 11,995 and Rs. 2795, respectively. Both these products are designed keeping a mother’s comfort in mind by incorporating innovations that mimic natural breastfeeding action to the maximum extent possible.

When switched on, the comfort single electric breast pump automatically starts in gentle stimulation mode to get milk flowing. Once milk flow starts, a mother can choose from three expression settings to mimic her natural milk flow rhythm. Near vertical design of the pumps allows mothers to lean back comfortably and express, with no risk of back pain. The compact lightweight design of the pump has massage petals that mimic baby’s suckling action on breast.

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