Cura Healthcare has launched the robot-assisted digital 360 degree breast thermography device, an early breast cancer warning system for all age groups. Cura’s illumina 360° can detect breast anomalies several years ahead of prevalent breast cancer screening methods without causing pain due to compression, without non-ionizing radiation and without human touch. It is designed, developed and manufactured in India with the support of BIRAC, Department of Biotechnology, and Government of India.

illumina 360° images allow doctors to differentiate between normal and abnormal breast tissues that may develop or be caused by cysts, estrogen dominance, or fibrous tissue and potentially cancerous tissues. The advanced ultra-sensitive infrared camera aided by an advanced robot can sense varying temperature patterns between cancerous tissues and help detect tissue changes over time. The extreme sensitivity and 360 degree coverage together with advanced digital processing can help detect the earliest thermal signs suggesting pre-cancerous stage of breast tissues or the presence of a tumor that is not yet large enough to be detected by physical examinations, and structural imaging tools.

illumina 360° produces these early warning signs at over 97 percent accuracy without compressing the breast, radiation and any discomfort to the patient making it very attractive for women of all age groups. It can be used for unlimited, repeated exams as it does not emit radiation and is safe. Breast thermography is approved by FDA as an adjunct screening method to current standard of mammography.

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