Baxter International has launched DeviceVue, a comprehensive asset tracking solution available exclusively to hospitals using the Sigma Spectrum infusion system. Designed to help enhance clinical and hospital efficiency, DeviceVue helps enable clinicians and biomedical engineers to quickly find unused pumps by viewing pump location and status data from their PC, iPad, or iPhone. With DeviceVue, Baxter is the first and only smart infusion pump manufacturer to offer a tagless, end-to-end asset tracking application.

In place of the cost and labor associated with purchasing and installing external radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, DeviceVue receives a signal from the pump's wireless radio that provides location data, whether the pump is in use, and the status of the pump battery, wireless network connection, and drug library. This data is sent in near real-time to the DeviceVue PC or mobile application.

In addition to asset tracking, DeviceVue's utilization reporting can help hospitals reduce costs by ensuring as many pumps as possible are put to use, while the ability to search for specific pumps by serial number can help biomedical engineers dramatically reduce the amount of time required to perform preventive maintenance. Sigma Spectrum's hardware works in concert with the pump's software to encourage use of innovative features that are designed to help enhance patient safety and clinician efficiency.

For example, the pumps automatically default to the installed drug library without requiring clinicians to take extra steps to opt-in, and drug library updates can be delivered wirelessly to pumps in the facility without interrupting clinical workflow.

Sigma Spectrum also includes features like: integration with electronic health record (EHR) systems – including Cerner and Epic – to help streamline clinical workflow and improve accuracy of IV infusion documentation; DeviceVue, a tagless, end-to-end asset tracking solution that can help provide a significant boost to both clinical and operational efficiency; enhanced data analytics and use of single set technology that can help yield up to
53 percent cost savings in IV tubing sets and 30 percent reduction in IV tubing use.

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