BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) has launched BD Rhapsody, a platform for single cell analysis with the ability to detect rare molecules responsible for biological diversity which are often missed with whole transcriptome profiling. Developed using the company's patented unique molecular index (UMI) technology, BD Rhapsody is a complete system of reagents, instruments, and software for targeted gene expression analysis of tens of thousands of individual cells. The product was previously in limited commercial release under the name Resolve. BD will offer both application-specific targeted panels and enable customers to design their own custom, targeted panels.

The BD Rhapsody platform assay offering will be rapidly expanded over the next 12 months. Shortly after launch, customers will be able to multiplex many samples in one run with the BD single-cell multiplexing kit, significantly increasing sample throughput while maintaining the low doublet rate. The platform is also being expanded beyond RNA expression to include protein detection, leveraging BD's extensive antibody portfolio with BD AbSeq assays for protein expression.

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