X-ray mammography has been the gold standard for early detection of breast cancer – the commonest female malignancy in the developing world. However, despite technology improvements, dedicated film-screen analog mammography does have its limitations, especially in dense breasts, where lesions are inherently difficult to detect. Dense breasts require higher exposure, thereby increasing the radiation dose. Two-thirds of premenopausal women and one-fourth of post-menopausal women have dense breast tissue which increases the risk of developing breast cancer four- to six-fold.


The award-winning design, Mammoscan, a full-field digital mammography system delivers uncompromised clinical value, workflow efficiency, and patient comfort.

Mammoscan's industry-best pixel size offers very-high-quality image, high resolution, and visualization. Mammoscan is synchronized in the way that the beam is always focused on the digital X-ray receiver surface during the exposure process. This principle eliminates the need for the antiscatter grid, thus saving the dose to the patient. The digital X-ray receiver in Mammoscan provides better visualization of breast structures, thus ensuring more accurate detection of tumors and microcalcifications.

"Sixty-nine percent of deaths in developing countries are due to breast cancer. Unlike other cancers, breast cancer is eminently treatable, if detected at an early stage. It is recommended by WHO that education and screening programs are the only ways to improve survival rate and reduce mortality."

Kalyanaraman S

General Manager- Key Accounts
(Sales and Marketing), CURA Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Mammoscan comes with various features, which make scanning easy and is comfortable on patients. The swivel arm can be raised, lowered, and rotated to accommodate the patient in all statures, standing and/or sitting, to produce mammographic images in all standard views. The breast compression device works in conjunction with breast support table to uniformly compress the breast for X-ray imaging. Performing breast biopsies on a biopsy table solves the common problems encountered with the prone table and upright core biopsy techniques. Mammoscan comes with host of other features at affordable cost. Due to technology used in the system, maintenance cost is significantly reduced.

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