Vanguard Diagnostics signed its third exclusive contract with Diagon Hungary, on September 5 this year. The agreement entails the marketing of a unique 3-part hematology analyzer, based on Diagon's expertise of 30 years in the field.

'We are pleased to announce the launch of D Cell 360, our very-first foray into instrumentation. In doing so, we believe, our offering is truly unique – an instrument that rises above the crowd of Chinese analyzers, teamed with our high-quality, domestically manufactured reagents, that would save our customers from substantial import duties, exorbitant freight costs, long lead times, and complex regulatory procedures. Crucially, the outstanding feature of our offering, would be to provide economical protection of our Diluent and Lyse reagents with a bar code on a USB stick, integrated with the D Cell 360 – a pioneering combination for the Indian market. Our objective remains to collate the optimal product basket for our customers. The said basket, would comprise instruments based on cutting edge European technology, paired with customized, high-quality hematology reagents, controls, and calibrators, thereby delivering international quality at an affordable price.'

Veena Kohli,
Vanguard Diagnostics (P) Ltd.

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