From August 1 to 3, 2017, AACC 2017 (the 49th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo) was held in San Diego, USA. Snibe, with 22 years focusing on the research, production, and sales of clinical laboratory instruments and in vitro reagents, is growing rapidly. Now, with the vision to build closer connection with the doctors and specialists, more than 7000 analyzers have been installed in more than 123 countries all around the world. From 2008 to 2017, it is the 10th year of Snibe'spresence at the AACC Annual meeting and expo. This year, Snibe, bringing its typical and latest innovations, became one of the highlights of the show. Maglumi 800, a typical analyzer of the chemiluminescence immunoassay system, with its compact design and throughput of maximum 120 tests per hour and on-board capability up to 144 samples, has been used globally and gets positive feedbacks continually.

Maglumi 4000 Plus, the latest innovation of the chemiluminescence immunoassay system-with 280 tests per hour and the on-board capability up to 144 samples, attracts many specialists' eyes.


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