Agappe Diagnostics has joined hands with Hitachi Chemical Company Ltd through Technology Licensing for manufacturing the most advanced fully automatic specific protein and clinical chemistry analyzers in India.

The manufacturing of the equipment, through Hitachi Chemical Technology Licensing agreement would commence at Agappe's manufacturing facility at Pattimattom in Ernakulam District, Kerala. This project will also create better employment opportunities as well as great breakthrough in research and development. The initiative, once it becomes functional would also mark the beginning of clinical laboratories all over embracing the automation mode thereby enhancing the quality of tests and accuracy of results. Affordable pricing would help rural penetration with medium and smaller labs also entering the platform of advanced testing. The instrument provides ease in operation, fast and highly specific results at a reduced cost estimated at roughly one-third cost per test compared to the conventional method analyzers. The aim is to provide everyone across the nation the right result at the right time for proper diagnosis and avail treatment.

The machine enables measuring the protein levels also along with substrates and enzymes present in blood. The normal protein estimation is very complex where the calibration is very critical at the end user. With this instrument, there is a special advantage of automatic retrieval of calibration due to pre-calibration, where the chances of errors are almost zero. The instrument enables early detection of kidney malfunctioning, cardiac problems, and osteoporosis. It can also support detection of prostate cancer through PSA testing and TB detection trough ADA testing. The unit is expected to start production within one year. In addition to the manufacturing facility in Pattimattom in Ernakulam, Agappe has a full-fledged manufacturing facility of sophisticated lab equipment at KINFRA, Nellad, Kerala which is mainly concentrating on the equipment manufacturing, in-house research, and development of equipment-and related activities.

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