Skanray has added another ICU ventilator to its portfolio of respiratory management solutions - SkanRespiro Plus.

Designed as per ISO/IEC standards and manufactured at ISO 13485-certified facility, SkanRespiro Plus embodies precision and reliability. A large range of normal and advanced modes provides the clinician with sufficient flexibility to customize ventilation best-suited for the patients. The advanced modes include APRV, BI-LEVEL/BI-PAP and pressure-regulated volume control (PRVC) modes. Sixteen monitored parameters and eight parameters with 24-hour trend are displayed. Three different wave forms - pressure-time, flow-time, and volume-time - and two different real-time loops - pressure-volume and flow-volume - provide the clinician with key details of the patient's condition.

This robust system is equipped with a 9-inch display designed for intuitive usage by clinicians. With single-level menus and quick-settings option, patient ventilation can be achieved within a minute. With tidal volume starting from as low as 15 mL and reaching up to 2000 mL, its application covers a large spectrum of the patient population from infants to adults.

SkanRespiro Plus is equipped with clear audio-visual alarms with user-selectable alarm limits. An event log for 2000 events, which records the change in settings and all alarms against date and time, helps to evaluate the patient response to ventilation. It is equipped with best-in-class battery backup of more than 3 hours. The battery status can be viewed with help of an exclusive battery-status indicator without switching on the ventilator.

The ventilator includes a color LED backlit display and a long-life tactile keypad. Other notable features are keypad lock to prevent accidental settings change, inspiration hold and expiration hold, freeze graph, inbuilt nebulizer, and inbuilt calibration. Three-tiered barotrauma protection is achieved via electronic, software, and mechanical cut off. Features that have significant implications on operational cost-savings include autoclavable exhalation valve and inbuilt calibration. With this launch, the company aims to serve the need for a robust, reliable, precise, and a cost-effective ICU ventilator in the critical care market.

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