MUS 9400

The market for ultrasound is growing at a very healthy pace, both internationally as well as in India. Ultrasound as a modality has the highest growth rate compared to all other imaging modalities like X-ray, CT scan, MRI scan, and nuclear imaging. The market for ultrasound is widely segmented based on the application and the type of equipment required for the same. Blue Star caters black-and-white portable machines starting from Rs.3 lakh to high-end color Doppler costing more than Rs.50 lakh.

Blue Star has been in the diagnostic imaging industry for the last 40 years as a partner and distributor for Hitachi Medical Systems for their entire range of imaging products in India. Around 7 years back, Hitachi acquired Aloka Medical Systems and formed a separate company for its range of ultrasound products and Blue Star ceased to sell Hitachi ultrasound system in the country. The company realized the potential of the ever-growing ultrasound market and decided to launch its own brand of ultrasound systems. It was a modest start with a portable black-and-white system, which has been expanded over the years and now has nearly 300+ units of Blue Star ultrasound systems installed in India. The company's current range of products is as follows:

  • MUS 602 - Portable black and white CRT system with convex/linear/endocavity.
  • MUS 702 - Trolley based black and white LCD system with convex/linear/endocavity.
  • MUS 6300 - 15-inch display color Doppler with CW/PW/convex/linear/endocavity/phased array/4D.
  • MUS 6300P - Portable 15-inch display color Doppler with CW/PW/convex/linear/endocavity/phased array/4D.
  • MUS 9400 - Color Doppler with 19-inch display and touch-screen interface with CW/PW/convex/linear/endocavity/phased array/4D/trans-esophageal.

All the above systems are state-of-the-art systems and are reasonably priced, thus offering customer real value for their investments. In addition to this, one can get the reliable backup and service of Blue Star, which has earned a name in the industry for its customer-friendly after-sales policy.


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