Mindray has officially released its new premium Resona 7 ultrasound system recently. As the latest high-end series of the Mindray ultrasound family, Resona embraces the synergy that combines top-tier ultrasound imaging technology with matching engineering, manufacturing, and R&D capability.

The launch of Resona 7, the flagship model of Resona Series, marks an important step forward and will be leading new waves in ultrasound innovation. Powered by the revolutionary ZONE Sonography Technology, Resona 7's new ZST+ platform brings image quality to a higher level with zone acquisition and channel data processing. The ZST+ platform incorporates multiple imaging advances including advanced acoustic acquisition, dynamic pixel focusing, sound speed compensation, advanced image processing, and total recall imaging. These features help elevate ultrasound image quality to a new level.The ultrasound also provides useful tools for clinical research.

One of these tools is V Flow (vector flow), which offers vivid, accurate, and angle-independent visualization of complex vascular hemodynamics profiles at the speed of up to 600 frames per second. With the comprehensive data it provides, V Flow will become the most valuable tool for vascular clinical research. Another tool is Smart Planes, which allows for intelligent plane acquisition from a 3D dataset for fetal central nervous system diagnosis.


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