Sanjay Jaiswal, Managing Director, Airox Technologies

Airox has recently received Best Indian Healthcare Enterprise of the year 2015 award in equipment segment at Six Sigma Healthcare Excellence Award 2015 - Oscars of Indian Healthcare. It has also tied up with Telelift, Germany, to promote ETV, a new-generation hospital logistic solution in India.

The company specializes in medical oxygen generator business in India. Airox generator is a completely automatic system. The oxygen generator system is safer as compared to cylinder or liquid oxygen. The oxygen is in gaseous form and at 4.5 bar pressure. It helps in avoiding fire-hazardous incidences and makes hospital a safer place. Quality of oxygen in an oxygen generator is better. Harmful gases content like Co2, CO, SO2, hydrocarbon, and water content is far lower than in cryogenic and oxygen cylinders. The system is compact which can be installed at the terrace, saving a lot of space in hospitals.

The company has 175+ installations across India, which includes corporate, government, multi-specialty, neonatal and pediatric, cardiac, gastro, uro, and trauma hospitals. This system has made these hospitals self-sufficient in oxygen and reduced their oxygen consumption bills by 50−70 percent.

The company is looking forward to expand oxygen generator installation base across the country and touch installations to 275 numbers before the end of this year.

Telelift Unicar has specially designed a healthcare application that transports goods up to 15 kg of weight and up to 90 percent of all material in a hospital. The system can easily work without any major maintenance for 35-40 years.

A 300-bedded hospital generally has 350 staff besides nurses and doctors. The system helps to reduce at least 20 percent manpower in the hospital. The installation of this system can reduce 1−2 elevator installations, which amounts to Rs.22−44 lakh. It reduces average electricity consumption by 15 percent. The hospital will require only 20 trollies instead on 75 trollies, which is another cost reduction. So, overall saving of working capital cost is around Rs.1−1.6 crore depending on the hospital setup.

More than 1300 hospitals like Singapore General Hospital, Central Hospital, Augsburg, Germany, and Nigurda Hospital, Italy, are using this system globally. The system demonstrates the importance of sustainable intra-logistics planning, a strong decline in operational cost, and as a result an increasingly large number of satisfied customers globally.

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