Enhancing the operating room experience like never before, Stryker has launched its new product portfolio comprising Berchtold Chromophare F-Generation OT lights and Operon D-Series OT tables in India. The new portfolio helps maximize safety and efficiency in OT healthcare setups.

Chromophare F-Generation lights combine revolutionary reflector technology with the newest LED technology for reflection and glare-free light. In contrast to other technologies, the light is mixed in the reflector within the light head to generate a light with outstanding spectral properties. Newest-generation LEDs save energy and produce almost no heat. Color-cast shadows in the surgical field are reduced to the minimum. With Operon D-Series OT tables, Stryker brings many firsts to India. Operon boasts of being world's first 567 kg standard operating table, world's first sensor recognition of modules, world's largest height-adjustment range on a standard operating table, and world's first carbon-fiber tabletop incorporated into a general-purpose table.

Berchtold-Operon line of surgical tables is designed to provide improved workflow, flexibility, quality, and safety in conjunction with latest industry-leading technology. With special features like capability to support heavy loads and maneuverability, Operon series is equipped for all eventualities. Its flexibility makes it suitable for all kinds of minimally invasive, bariatric, spine, and orthopedic surgery. Smart and intuitive OT tables are designed to meet a wide range of patient positioning. Its modular structure also allows adaptation to the patient's body size. It allows the surgeon to operate while sitting or standing as table height can be adjusted up to 605 mm. For optimum fluoroscopy, the tabletop can be moved longitudinally.

Chromophare F-Generation lights are equipped with free color election feature that allows choosing between daylight quality illumination at the standard 4500 K or lower or higher color temperature as per the surgical situation. With an estimated lifespan of 40,000 hours for the 104 LEDs and upgradeable design of the suspension system, the Berchtold LED F-Generation is designed to minimize mainteance, and offers easy upgrades. The new Berchtold lights and tables are a generation ahead and fully equipped to meet surgeon and patient requirements during a surgical procedure.

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