The government of Andhra Pradesh has fixed the MRP of bare metal stents (BMS) and drug eluting stents (DES) at 7623 and 31,080, respectively, inclusive of VAT and other local taxes. This was done in response to complaints by scores of cardiac patients, fleeced by hospitals involved in cardiac surgeries.

All hospitals across the state have been asked to prominently display the cost of the stents available with them in their institutions henceforth. The Drug Control wing has been entrusted with the job of implementing the new rule and keeping tabs on the hospitals to protect the interests of the patients.

Every retailer and dealer is asked to display a price list and supplementary price list, if any, as furnished by the manufacturer or importer, on a conspicuous part of the premises where he conducts business in a manner so as to be easily accessible to any person wishing to consult this list. Similarly, hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics performing cardiac procedures using coronary stents will now have to display the rate prominently and also specifically and separately mention the cost of the coronary stent along with its brand name, name of the manufacturer or importer, and other details in their billing to the patients.


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