Window Techs, having its manufacturing base at Faridabad, Haryana, offers a strong product profile of hospital curtains, curtain tracks, IV hangers, wall protection systems, uniforms, insulated glass blinds, fire curtains, and pneumatic tube systems. The company is a one stop solution provider for all hospital critical system's needs.

Hospital Privacy Curtains

The company offers one of the best selections of high-quality privacy, cubicles, and hospital curtains for all applications that require privacy and seclusion. The curtain fabrics combine safety, style, ease of care, and affordability. The construction of these privacy curtains ensures the look that is desired coupled with long curtain life, resulting in value for the customer. They can be made with or without the mesh at the top, depending on the specific needs and fire code requirements. All cubicle curtains are fabricated using fabrics that pass NFPA 701 testing and are constructed with a triple thick 1.5 inch header sewn with a double needle Safe-T-Lock stitch, making the curtains practically tear proof. A wide range of flame retardant fabrics are available for use in fabricating privacy cubicle curtains.

Nurse Call System

Window Techs is an exclusive partner of Ackermann by Honeywell in the Northern Part of India. The scalable communications system Clino Systevo from Ackermann by Honeywell offers a full range of suitable products for all types of facilities – from the classic opto-acoustic call system to highly integrated system solutions with digital voice transmission and multimedia. IT, telecommunication, and medical technology are growing closer and closer together in hospitals and care facilities. At the same time, economic and social changes are leading to ever-increasing costs. Clino Systevo provides integrated and sustainable care communication.

Door and Wall Protect Systems

Window Techs India obsesses over safety, healthiness, and appearance and puts them through exhaustive testing. The handrails solve pedestrian safety concerns and wall damage problems. They are engineered to provide an ultimate hand grasp while protecting interior walls from damage. Seams are minimized with standard 3.66-m lengths. Comfortable and functional gripping surface with ergonomically designed thumb groove for select handrails is provided. For a decorative alternative, the thumb insert is available in a variety of finishes to add aesthetic appeal.

The wall guards and corner guard solve wall dent, scrape, and scratch problems from carts, wheelchairs, or beds. The wall guards provide superior impact resistance with a continuous impact resistance with a continuous impact bumper mounted on a continuous aluminum retainer. Tape-on corner guards provide quick installation with factory applied adhesive tape. A no-tape option allows installation on vinyl wall covering with a heavy-duty adhesive.

With the vision of Make in India, Window Techs introduced for the first time in India, silver-ion impregnated linens and curtains conforming to US/European standards for hospitals, and to offer to this industry products that were only discussed but were not available in India.

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