Since the foundation of the group in 1953, SNG (Sun Narula Group) has been extensively involved in bringing smart solutions to the Indian healthcare sector. One of the verticals is healthcare automation, primarily offering world class and high tech solutions in the areas of materials handling and transport and hospital pharmacy automation. The idea of bringing these technologies is not to replace or substitute employees but to enhance healthcare facilities, reduce healthcare delivery costs, improve efficiency, recover and heal faster, and improve healthcare delivery quality. Some of the smart solutions include:

Turnkey Solutions

With a complete in-house design team, SNG is competently placed to design the best and efficient turnkey ICUs, ERs, OTs, and patient room solutions right from design to execution. Its turnkey solutions include hospital and general furniture, patient handling solutions, ceiling supply pendants, IV track systems, partition systems, medical and general lighting, wall surfaces, drop ceilings, HVAC, medical gas pipelines, clinical and modular work stations, storage solutions, mobile solutions and carts, modular and packaged OTs/ICUs/ERs, pneumatic tube systems (HPTS), automated waste and laundry tube systems (AWLS), automated vertical and storage retrieval systems (AVSRS), and automated drug management systems (ADMS).

Automated Hospital Pharmacy

The major challenges faced in hospital IP Pharmacy spaces are storage and dispensing of prescribed drugs per patient – the nurses at ward levels get involved in preparing exaction dosage for each prescription for patients – consuming more than 40 percent of their time in handling drugs. While in OP pharmacy time consumed in reading, picking, and delivering in prescription reference order to the OP patients is huge. Some hospitals have more than 3000 OP patients being handled – now imagine if each prescription takes around 3–5 minutes to dispense the order – for 3000 prescriptions it will take the OP pharmacy around 150–250 hours each day. In reality this is never achieved causing
immense discomfort and frustration to the pharmacy operators as well as the patients. SNG offers
high-speed fully automated IP and OP pharmacy storage and dispensing solutions to address these challenges.

Hospital Pneumatic Tube System

SNG is South Asia's leading provider of hospital HPTS since 2004 for safe-secured-swift transports of lab samples, blood bags, reports, drugs, cash, documents etc. and has reference of over 300 installations in the region with more than 75 percent market share. Today SNG has complete in-house capabilities ranging from right conceptualization, designing, project management to post-sales services dedicated for HPTS with pan-region presence. SNG has also introduced some state-of-the-art new stations – a first in the world by Swisslog – world leaders in healthcare automation solutions.

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