A user-friendly design, incorporates new technology, and provides safe and effective treatment options for the clinician.

Pasithec Upgrade is an advanced yet easy to use anesthesia workstation that provides accurate, pneumatically driven, and electronically controlled ventilation. It has a user-friendly design, incorporates new technology, and provides safe and effective treatment options for the clinician. It includes adult and child modes that provide patient-appropriate defaults and ranges.

The workstation has VCV, PCV, volume guarantee, and SIMV+PS automatic ventilation modes providing flexibility in choice of ventilation strategy. It is suitable for pediatric and adult operation. The workstation is filled with many features for outstanding usability including auxiliary power outlets.

Advanced and Clear User Interface

The high-resolution 12.1-inch TFT LCD with touchscreen along with a navigator wheel provides a simple intuitive interface that enhances user control. The ergonomic features esure the clinician can complete the entire operation easily and accurately. The parameter areas on the main screen are shown in different colors for ease of identification. The waveforms and alarm records are clearly shown for easy review of the patients treatment information by the clinician.

Powerful Monitoring Functions

Pasithec displays patient data with waveforms and spirometry loops. Loops can be stored as reference to best understand changes in patient response to therapy. Optional gas monitoring which includes EtCO2 and anesthetic agents provides clinician with complete information on patient ventilation and agent delivery and uptake. The flowmeter system provides a minimum 21 percent concentration of oxygen in the O2/N2O mixture by means of a reliable pneumatic oxygen ratio controller (ORC). The digital flowmeters for O2, AIR, and N2O are designed especially for low-flow applications. This system includes electronic fresh gas flow displays along with traditional mechanical flow controllers and flow control knobs for enhanced patient safety over fully electronic blending systems.

Key Features

  • The single-turn APL valve on Pasithec includes a quick-release function to quickly lower patient breathing pressure and accurately set the pressure limit.
  • Automatic compliance compensation along with fresh gas flow compensation helps clinician to deliver accurate and precise ventilation therapy.
  • Full waveform display including integrated spirometry provides loops when desired for improved clinical data analysis.
  • System provides a minimum of 21 percent O2 concentration always utilizing a pneumatic ORC. This enhances patient safety over systems that utilize electronic or software-controlled ORC functions.
  • Impressive array of standard features improves the system usability: auxiliary oxygen flowmeter, auxiliary AC power outlets. Breathing system is warmed to reduce condensation. Absorber is compatible with standard prepacks or loose-filled CO2 absorbent. GCX-type rails support easy mounting of other devices to the workstation. Traditional gas supply pressure gauges allow for easy status monitoring of hospital wall gas supplies and gas cylinders/tanks. Standard Selectatec-compatible mounts hold two vaporizers.

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