Waters Corporation has introduced the new Xevo TQ-XS, the sensitive bench-top tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer. Enabled by the newly designed StepWave XS ion guide, this mass spectrometry system features a unique combination of ion optics, detection, and ionization technologies resulting in levels of sensitivity not previously seen. The new StepWave XS ion guide removes neutral species and transmits ions in a more focused beam to the detector by incorporating segmented quadruple transfer optics in the second stage. The result is a 2× to 10× increase in signal/noise over its StepWave predecessor, and it delivers excellent robustness over thousands of injections. The refined design allows the system to quantify challenging compounds at trace levels even if they are labile or show poor transmission efficiency.

The mass spectrometer also incorporates the XDR detector, capable of quantifying sample compounds across a concentration range of six orders of magnitude. Scientists no longer need to dilute and re-inject samples in order to stay within the limited dynamic range of the instrument they have been using. UniSpray, a novel, proprietary ionization source available on the Xevo TQ-XS, enables ionization of a wider range of analytes in a single chromatographic run. The result is an increased response across a wide range of compound polarities for a broader range of compounds accompanied by a boost in signal/noise, making it possible to consolidate several analytical methods into one, or eliminate the need to change ionization sources between analyses, saving time and increasing laboratory efficiency.

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