MP Diagnostics MPure-12 aNAP system is a fully automated standalone nucleic acid purification system for extracting DNA/RNA from a wide variety of biological specimens with advanced magnetic bead separation technology. It is a flexible and compact system to process 1–12 samples per run to meet lab requirements from small to medium sample handling throughputs. With the unique polygonal design of the reaction chamber to ensure highly efficient lysis and elution process, MPure-12 aNAP system provides superior nucleic acid purity and yield for downstream applications of molecular diagnostics and research analysis.

With the MPure-12 aNAP system, the laboratories will benefit from the convenience of a true walk-away nucleic acid purification process by only three easy operation steps: load the samples, load the reagent cartridges and consumables, select the pre-programmed purification protocols, and MPure-12 system will automate the rest. Nucleic acids will be ready to use in 35–100 minutes.

With the synchronized and unilateral robotic arm movement design of MPure-12 aNAP system, contamination risk is greatly minimized since no pipette tips and consumables will be shared among different specimens during the liquid-handling purification procedures. Built-in UV light is installed for decontamination of any impurity.

You will be able to save time and labor while ensuring consistent and reproducible DNA/RNA extraction with the MP Diagnostics MPure-12 aNAP system and the MPure extraction kits. 14 MPure extraction kits are CE marked for extracting nucleic acids from different kinds of clinical specimens, including bacterial culture, biopsy, cell, cell-free body fluid, FFPE tissue, forensic sample, plasma, serum, sputum, stool, swab, tissue, urine, and whole blood.

All the required consumables and reagents are provided and are ready to use. The reagents and magnetic beads are pre-filled into the six-linked designed plastic cartridges, which can be used individually according to the number of samples required so as to avoid any waste of reagents. Besides, with a barcode scanner included in the system, it provides the convenience and flexibility in selecting the sample and elution volume of the purified DNA/RNA that is required.

MPure-12 aNAP system and extraction kits are the ideal true walk-away nucleic acid purification solution.


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