The coagulation market in India is estimated at 75 crore in 2015; coagulation factor is having the highest share followed by general coagulation tests, platelet factors, and specialized coagulation tests. With a CAGR of ~15 percent, coagulation market is expected to be at 155 crore by the year 2021. This segment is still dominated by semi-automated analyzers with single channel, dual channel, or four channel reading chambers. Fully automated systems are growing at a low pace as compared to the semiautomatic ones.

The major tests performed in the routine laboratories include PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen, and D Dimer. Compared to the single measurement systems used in the earlier days, combination systems with both coagulation and photometric channels are gaining momentum. Since most laboratories have low workload for coagulation testing, a simple and accurate system with small foot print is the need of the hour.

Innovation and quality are the two-major philosophies for Agappe's product lines. To address the need of the customers in the hemostasis segment Agappe has introduced Mispa Clog+; the first coagulation analyzer in India with smart card technology. Mispa Clog+ comes with smart card-based operation, where each kit is having smart card with lot-specific data for the assay to assure the quality of test results. With this technology, the chances for error, especially due to improper ISI values in Prothrombin Time tests, are avoided since all such data are fetched from the smart card by the system. With two different wavelengths for measurement, Mispa Clog+ is capable of performing PT, aPTT, and Fibrinogen assays. Mispa Clog+ has a unique photometric measurement technology with long-life LED-based light source for minimal maintenance. To assure quality of results, Mispa Clog+ prompts for a control run each time the test is performed. Mispa Clog+ has a unique sleek design for easy operation. With convenient pack sizes for PT, aPTT, and Fibrinogen, and availability of smaller packs in bi-level coagulation quality controls, Mispa Clog+ is going to be a trend setter in the Indian coagulation segment.

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