The global laboratory centrifuge market is estimated to surge at a steady CAGR of 3.1 percent to a value of USD 1833.29 million by the end of 2025, projects Transparency Market Research. The global laboratory centrifuge market is projected to be driven by rapid growth of the life science industry worldwide and rising demand from healthcare facilities.

Recent advancement in the rotor design, rotor material, and rotor exchange technology makes the centrifuge operation simpler and safe. Also, enhanced safety features in centrifuges to prevent the mechanical damages would contribute to the markets growth. The demand for automated laboratory centrifuges is therefore projected to be greatly driven by the clinical and diagnostic laboratories where large number of samples are processed within a short duration of time. Moreover the increased applications of genomics and proteomics in the fields of drug discovery, targeted therapy, in the prenatal diagnosis and treatment of genetic disease are factors that are likely to propel the demand for laboratory centrifuges.

The players in the global market are focusing on product launches with innovative differentiation. The competitive landscape is quite fragmented due to the strong presence of several players. Companies are also expected to focus on clinical trials, research and development, joint ventures, and acquisitions to remain ahead of the competition.

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