Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) has signed an agreement to be acquired by Sysmex Corporation. Sysmex will acquire all of OGT’s shares, gaining access to OGT’s genetic analysis technologies and expertise in the cytogenetics domain. OGT will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Sysmex.

The acquisition of OGT will allow Sysmex to enter the cytogenetics market with FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) and aCGH (array comparative genomic hybridization) products. It will also strengthen its technology base in molecular genetics through OGT’s NGS (next-generation sequencing) reagent development capabilities. The acquisition of OGT expands Sysmex’s life science business and reinforces its initiatives toward personalized medicine.

Several product development synergies have been identified that combine OGT’s innovation and expertise in genetic assays for hematology, solid cancer, and rare disease with Sysmex’s expertise in instrument development and in vitro diagnostics to expand offerings in genomic medicine. R&D teams from OGT and Sysmex will collaborate to develop an automated system for FISH testing by combining Sysmex’s automation technology with the high-quality FISH reagent development expertise OGT possesses.

In addition, adding OGT’s array CGH and NGS capabilities will expand opportunities further in genetic testing in the field of rare diseases and liquid biopsies


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