Roche has announced the CE-IVD launch of the cobas Liat PCR system with four assays including first 20 minute real-time PCR nucleic acid test to detect Clostridium difficile (C. diff). Countries accepting CE mark are the first to receive access to the cobas Cdiff test, which detects C. diff in stool specimens from symptomatic patients and provides rapid and definitive results in under 20 minutes. Timely and accurate diagnosis of this infection is important because it can quickly become life threatening, especially to high-risk patients such as the elderly, immuno-compromised and those undergoing antibiotic treatment.

The cobas Cdiff assay, an automated, in vitro diagnostic, real-time PCR test, offers minimal handling steps, a simplified workflow, and access to urgent results. Traditional diagnostic methods may take several hours for results to be delivered to clinicians. The cobas Cdiff assay's speed and simplicity make it ideal for STAT and out-of-hours testing, providing results when and where they are needed most. The benefits of accurate and timely diagnoses for patient care are not unique to HAIs. The cobas Liat system brings real-time answers for patients and their caregivers with the assurances of PCR technology in 20 minutes or less for all assays in the portfolio. The expanded menu of assays for use on the cobas Liat system includes the respiratory portfolio of cobas Strep A, cobas Influenza A/B, cobas Influenza A/B & RSV. The latest assay, cobas Cdiff, is the first in the HAI portfolio and will be joined during the second quarter of 2017 by cobas MRSA/SA for CE-marked countries.


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