Medlab Asia Pacific, one of the important exhibitions and congresses of Medlab series, took place in Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre from April 3 to 5, 2017 in Singapore.

Snibe, bringing its latest innovations and typical products, became one of the light spots in the show. The most interesting and attractive thing this year was that Snibe showcased a scaled-down version model of its integrated system – Biolumi 8000.

Biolumi 8000, the modular system combining immunology, biochemistry, electrolyte and sample handing modules together, is full expansion and flexible recombination to satisfy all different requirements in the laboratory.

Besides, Snibe showcased a wide variety of products sincerely, including MAGLUMI 800, MAGLUMI 2000 Plus, MAGLUMI 4000 Plus from the MAGLUMI series of Snibe chemiluminescence immunoassay system, and Biossays 360 from the clinical chemistry system.

MAGLUMI 800, one typical product from the chemiluminescence immunoassay system, with its compact design and throughput of maximum 120 tests/hour and on board capability up to 144 samples, which has been installed globally and gets positive feedbacks continually. MAGLUMI 2000 Plus another typical product from the chemiluminescence immunoassay system, its throughput is 180 tests/hour and on-board capability is up to 144 samples. MAGLUMI 4000 Plus, the latest product from chemiluminescence immunoassay system, with throughput of 280 tests/hour and time to first result of 16 minutes, attracts many specialists' eyes. Biossays 360, with its compact appearance and throughput of 360 tests/hour, provides a good solution for diagnostic and it's suitable for small or middle size hospitals or clinical laboratories.


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