HiMedia is a global brand spanning over 140 countries and is determinedly dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction through persistent innovation and up gradation in technology. Tailor made products as per client's desired requirement is our key to success. After making grand entry in microbiology segment, HiMedia further expanded to animal cell culture, plant tissue culture, molecular biology, chemicals and biochemicals, agroindustry, and presently have a strong portfolio of 4500 products in all these segments of biosciences. HiMedia have always been keen on working towards the betterment of humankind.

In view of keeping the promise, HiMedia have invented Ezy MIC Strips, which is an in vitro diagnostic device used to determine the MIC expressed in g/ml of various antibacterial and antifungal agents for microorganisms, for detecting the resistance mechanisms and dose. Gradient technology based Ezy MIC Strips are thin, inert, and porous paper strip impregnated with a predefined concentration gradient of antibiotics. The gradient covers a continuous concentration range across 15 two-fold dilutions of a conventional MIC determination method. It provides high medical value to critical care cases to guide treatment decisions and helps to determine choice & dosage of antimicrobials in patients. Ezy MIC Test Strips are available at HiMedia in a comprehensive range of configurations with different packaging choices. For the detection of specific microorganisms, more than 125 Ezy MIC products are made available by HiMedia which covers antibacterial, antifungal types as well as ESBL, AmpC, KPC, MBL, MRSA, and GRD detection strips and now, for the first time, HiMedia are introducing Ezy MIC Strips for the detection of coexistence of ESBL, AmpC, and MBL.

Merits of Ezy MIC Test Strips

It exhibits several advantages over lengthy, time consuming conventional MIC determination method.

  • lUnlike non-polar polymer and non-porous material, Ezy MIC porous strips are made up of cellulose material which allows strips to adhere firmly onto the agar surface within a few seconds and spreads easily on agar surface without forming air bubbles as such.
  • lDistinctively Ezy MIC Strips has MIC values and calibration marks printed on both the sides of the strip identically. This enables easy handling and reading of the plates without opening the lid.

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