Snibe, as a pioneer in global IVD industry, exhibits its three main product lines - the immunoassay system, biochemistry system, and integrated system - which draw a lot of attention with the elegant appearance and effectively meet the needs of different medical institutions.

Biolumi 8000, the powerful and flexible integrated system, which can combine electrolyte, biochemistry, and immunoassay tests together with a signal-sample processing module, for the first time, will be exhibited in the Middle-East market. With 280 samples loading at one time, 1000 tests/hour for electrolyte module, 1600 tests/hour for biochemistry module, 280 tests/hour for immunoassay module, Biolumi 8000 is demonstrating the strength of engineering design ability and the spirit of innovation of Snibe.

BC 240

BC 240, one of the latest innovations of biochemistry system, also shined in Arab Health, 2016. With its compact appearance and a throughput of 240 T/H, the system provides a good solution for diagnostics and is suitable for small- or middle-size hospitals or clinical laboratories.

To implement its mission - customer-centric, market-oriented, creating value for human health through continuous innovation - Snibe promises to endeavor to provide more superior products for the professionals working for improving human health.

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