Medica Corporation, a provider of easy-to-use, low-cost blood-testing analyzers, has launched EasyCell assistant cell image analyzer for hematology laboratories. The affordable EasyCell solution automates and simplifies the cell differential process by locating and pre-classifying white blood cells. It typically reduces sample review times by 50 percent over the manual differentiation process, using microscopes while helping the technologist achieve improved efficiency, accuracy, and precision.

The analyzer lowers the cost by substantially cutting the time technologists require to perform manual blood cell differentials and correctly classify normal cells. It enables the technologist to quickly review the suggested classifications and then devote more time to the analysis of abnormal cells.

Analyzer incorporates precise optical-pattern-recognition technology. The analyzer employs sophisticated optical-pattern-recognition software to automatically locate white cells on a blood smear. It digitally stores their images, pre-classifies them, and then presents them for review, grouped by cell type on an LCD display. The technologist can quickly check suggested classifications of normal cells, and then devote more time to reviewing abnormals. The analyzer also presents images of red cells and platelets, enabling red cell morphology and platelet estimates. With its 30-position carousel, it offers true walkaway operation, and a stat slide port permits immediate testing without disrupting a sample run.

Optional EasyCell Remote software enables the networking of multiple EasyCell assistant workstations, both onsite and in outside clinics and practices, allowing review of files and immediate collaboration and image access for technologists and pathologists.

With its fast learning curve, simple operation, and collaborative analytic capabilities, the EasyCell is ideal for hematology laboratories, desiring higher efficiency, faster turnaround times, and reduced training requirements.

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